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Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Operating Company is a service operated by TheCampBox Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "operator", a company registered in the United Kingdom at Companies House, SC597976.


  1. Tariffs

On the website of our travel agency / TheCampBox Ltd, the prices are indicated per person and in euros. These rates are there to give a range of prices. They vary, of course, according to the season, the number of participants, the exchange rate etc. The prices to be taken into account are those indicated in your final quote sent by your travel consultant in charge of your travel request in Scotland. They are valid for 1 month from the date of your quote (unless otherwise specified on the quote itself).


  1. Demand for devis

Any request for a quote on website must be made by e-mail or through the Personalized Travel page of the website.

We can only recommend you to be as precise as possible in your quote request. This way, we will be able to answer your request with reactivity and a proposal that is as close as possible to what you are looking for. So, do not hesitate to provide us with information such as your international flight schedule, transfers required, type of accommodation you prefer, your specific needs as well as any other service you may need or want.

All of this information will be invaluable in the design of your fully tailor-made trip... don't hesitate to flood us with information!


  1. Confirming your trip to Scoltand

A deposit of 35% of the total cost of your trip must be paid at the time of registration in order for your registration to be validated. After 45 days of your arrival date, the balance is due.

Less than 45 days before your departure date, the full amount of the services booked for your trip will be required to confirm your registration.

It is your (or on bookings involving more than one person, the principal customer) responsibility as the customer to check the accuracy of your booking, including your travel dates.



  1. Payment

Payment for your trip to Scotland is made online via a secure payment system. You will then receive an invoice by email as soon as possible.

The online payment system will be the platform (perfectly reliable and secure) which ensures our payment service.


  1. In case of cancellation of your trip

We offer you the best possible cancellation conditions. This means that we adapt them according to those applied by the selected accommodations at the time of the establishment of the estimate.

We can therefore guarantee you a full refund of the amount paid up to 72 hours before your arrival.

On your quote, you will be informed of the precise cancellation and refund conditions specific to your stay.


  1. Changing your trip

Any changes to the service requested after the initial deposit or full payment may be subject to penalties. These penalties will be subject to any cancellation fees due to the providers (accommodation, car hire, tours, guides and other activities booked and described in the original itinerary).

A fixed penalty of £45 per change claimed by the client as an administration fee.


  1. Flights to Scotland

As a local travel agency, we are not authorised to market international flights.

However, we can provide you with the best flight offers through our partner OptionWay,

Following the offers that will be transmitted to you, you will have to book the flights yourself by following the link. In this respect, no compensation can be claimed in case of delay or cancellation of your international flights.


  1. Responsibility

In case of losses, accidents, illnesses or changes in the program due to weather conditions or any other failure beyond its control, will not be held responsible.

Any additional costs incurred due to flight delays or cancellations will be borne by you.

When equipment (property of TheCampBox Ltd) is rented or integrated to the tour offer, the client / main traveller is held responsible for its proper use according to the rules in force in the country and for its return as it was lent to him.

  1. Physical condition of participants and person with reduced mobility

    1. Clients/Passagers with special physical or medical requirements must inform the advisor before the quotation and travel contract are validated. / TheCampbox Ltd offers outdoor sports activities and as such cannot be held responsible in case of accident or injury.

    2. We will try to accommodate any passenger on tour, but due to the nature of the product, we are required to take into account any special physical or medical requirements on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to accommodate any passenger who may require specific assistance provided that they are accompanied by an attendant who is able to provide the necessary assistance and who does not require special assistance from the personal operator. Any medical or physical condition requiring third party attention or treatment must be notified in writing to our booking team at the time of booking. We ask that any special requests or requirements regarding travel or accommodation arrangements are also made at the time of booking to ensure that we can provide the best possible service. If you submit such notification, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is acknowledged with your booking confirmation. The Operator cannot guarantee travel in the absence of such acknowledgement. We will pass on any reasonable requests to the relevant suppliers but cannot guarantee that your requests will be met.


  1. Administrative procedures

It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and all necessary visas, permits and certificates on your person for your chosen itinerary, to have all necessary vaccinations and to comply with applicable laws. We can assist you with the post-Brexit process but we do not guarantee the outcome.

  1. Rights of use photos and videos

You agree by default that the operator may take photographs and video recordings of you when you are a passenger. These may be used in the operator's brochures and/or advertising and publicity material (including social media) without further consent or payment for such photographs and/or films.

We undertake not to publish or use any photographs or videos in which you appear if requested.


  1. Changes to the itinerary during the journey

    1. There may be times when the Operator's staff and/or representatives must make a decision in the interests of safety. You are required to comply with the authority and decisions of the Operator's designated representative. If you do not comply with said representative or if you are not compatible with the general enjoyment and welfare of the members of the tour, the Operator reserves the right to refuse to allow you to continue the tour. In such event, the Operator shall not be liable for any refund, compensation or additional costs incurred by you. The Operator cannot accept responsibility for the behaviour of others during your visit or if facilities are restricted as a result of their actions. The operator does not tolerate any form of abuse, verbal or otherwise, of their personnel. Any person abusing or threatening the operator's staff or associated representatives will automatically lose their right to continue traveling.

    2. You are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings while on tour. The operator cannot be held responsible for personal belongings left behind or damaged during a tour under any circumstances.

    3. It is the responsibility of the client/passenger to check the accuracy of the booking dates on receipt of their booking statement confirming full payment.

    4. The operator has a zero-tolerance policy towards the possession of drugs or illegal substances. Any passenger found by the operator to be in breach of this condition will automatically forfeit their right to travel and any associated refund.

    5. Under no circumstances can the operators be held responsible for any delay, deviation or cancellation of any activity due to weather conditions and you cannot cancel or change a tour at any time due to weather conditions.

    6. The operator therefore reserves the right to change the itinerary or the activities planned depending on the weather conditions and will do its utmost to offer you alternatives.

  2. Vehicle rental

    1. The client/passenger undertakes to provide all required documents when picking up the vehicle from the car hire.

    2. The operator will draw up a rental contract in your name with Arnold Clark Rental®. By default, the insurance with excess buy-back is not taken out, we will offer it to you when we draw up the quote.

    3. If you wish to choose another rental company, you are free to ask us.

    4. It is the client's responsibility not to subscribe to this, this decision must be communicated to the operator with the quotation/travel book prior to the first payment.

    5. The client is obliged to have all the necessary authorisations and insurance to travel in the UK. He/she will have to comply with the regulations in force.

    6. The operator shall not be liable for any personal injury to the customer and/or any of the passengers or third parties. The operator cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the rented vehicle or third-party vehicle(s). The operator advises you to take out additional insurance with the rental company.

    7. The operator will inform you of the details of the vehicle reservation once the contract has been validated.


  1. Local visits and excursions

    1. You may have the opportunity to purchase local tours or excursions from guides, on-board guides and check-in staff. These local tours and excursions are run by local operators and you will be subject to their terms and conditions.

    2. Local tours and excursions purchased through guides, on-board guides and check-in staff are not refundable. It is your responsibility to meet the tour at the designated departure point and time. Local tours and excursions will only be permitted upon presentation of Official Guides / On Board Guides / Cheque issued by the check-in staff to the designated local operator.

    3. Local visit and excursion vouchers that are lost or stolen cannot be replaced.

    4. Please note that the prices printed in the brochures are correct at the time of printing and may be subject to change.

    5. Activities or visits cancelled or impacted in any way by the weather or other factors beyond the operator's control will not be eligible for refund or other compensation.

  2. Insurance

    1. The operator is insured with Allianz Business Services Limited.

    2. On a guided tour, driven by a driver chosen by the operator, you will be insured for transport under the terms agreed by the operator. You may request the terms and conditions of insurance.

    3. No other travel insurance is included in the price of a ticket, tour, trip or product shown on the site.

    4. The Operator advises that you take out comprehensive insurance for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal luggage, money and third-party liability before travelling. You may also wish to indemnify the Operator against all claims, actions, damages and third-party remedies that may be brought against the Operator in respect of your travel needs/requirements.


  1. Changes made by the operator

    1. The prices in the brochure and on the website are based on costs and exchange rates as at 1 June 2021. If these costs change, it may be necessary to make an additional charge on the price of your tour. If the total price of the tour increases by more than 10%, you will have the right to cancel within 7 days of notification without penalty.

    2. The operator cannot guarantee the availability and/or price of the accommodation, vehicle hire, activities listed in the travel guide and the quote provided. These may no longer be up to date or available between the time the travel guide and the quote are sent and the time the contract is validated.

    3. The operator will then do its best to find an equivalent in price and location. A re-evaluation of the cost will be made if necessary.

    4. If access to a country or region is prohibited for reasons of force majeure (i.e. circumstances such as political unrest, airport or port closures, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics or health hazards, adverse weather conditions or other similar events beyond the control of the Operator) the Operator reserves the right to modify or alter the product, or to withdraw the programme in whole or in part. If the Operator is unable to provide suitable alternative services, you will be entitled to a refund (less the reasonable costs incurred by the Operator in making your booking). The amount of the refund will be prorated according to the portion of the tour used.


    1. The Operator reserves the right to change or replace the type of vehicle mentioned in the brochure or websites.

  1. Smoke-free policy

    1. Operators apply a smoke-free policy to all their vehicles and properties.


  1. Dispute resolution procedures

    1. If you have a complaint about an operator, you must inform the operator's representative at that time. Any complaint that cannot be resolved by the operator's representative must be submitted in writing within 28 days following the incident to the Customer Services Manager, TheCampBox Ltd, 139/10 Great Junction St, EH6 5JB Edinburgh, United Kingdom, so that your complaint can be passed on to the Operator for investigation. The Operators will not consider complaints after the period of 28 days from the date of the end of your visit.

    2. The Contract and all matters arising hereunder shall be governed by English law unless the Operator agrees otherwise in writing.

    3. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed to have been rewritten to give effect to the same purpose to the extent permitted by law. The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


    1. If you are unsuccessful in bringing legal action against the Operator, you agree to pay all of the Operator's costs associated with such legal action, including but not limited to attorney/client fees.

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