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Are you a camping fan? Ever wanting to gp freestyle camping in Scotland? In the wild, beautiful surroundings of the Highlands for example? Why not take advantage of The Camp Box?


Book your camping gear online before you start your holiday; pick up The Camp Box – with all the necessary camping equipment to make it a trip of a lifetime - at Edinburgh’s Airport right after your plane lands; and off you go!

Years ago, Carole fell in love with Isle of Skye. She and her partner – a whiskey devotee – have been living on Isle of Skye for many years. They love to share with you their passion and expertise about this special place. Carole speaks French, English and Spanish and is the perfect host for your trip.


Make the most of your trip, learn everything there is to know about Skye and add Carole's services to your travel book

Discover Edinburgh and go on an adventure in the Scottish capital thanks to my historical and fun track games, as well as my ghostly visits for a magical and unforgettable stay.

Each visit in Edinburgh won't be complete without a guided tour of the city.

Everything you should about it, Karine knows it. Check out her tours